Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am unable to configure the app. Can i have a Demo?

Sure. we can provide a live demo of the app. Just send us a demo request to our support team (support@xeonapp.com). Also if required we can configure the app on behalf of you as per your use case.

2. How to send bulk email notifications for customers of unfulfilled orders?

Our app fetches the customer email id's automatically, which are specific to the orders that are picked. Therefore app enables to send bulk emails.

Click here to get detailed information on how to send bulk email notifications for customers of unfulfilled orders.

Click here to see video tutorial on how to send bulk email notifications for customers of unfulfilled orders.

3. How to configure app to send automated emails for customers whose orders are unfulfilled due to some delay?

Automated process of sending notifications depends on frequency setup. While creating a Notifier configure frequency as Scheduled. Based on requirement users can configure sending emails for specific day, time and repeat intervals as shown in the below image. So that automated emails are triggered based on frequency setup.

For example, If Scheduler is configured to run on everyday at 10 AM then a scheduler will be executed automatically and email will be sent everyday at 10AM.

NOTE - Emails also can be triggered instantly based on real time basis by clicking on 'Run-Now' button - We say it as manual process of executing Notifier.

4. How to stop sending repeated emails for customers ?

Our app has 'Actions' part where users can add 'Order Tags' for the orders which are picked to send notification. Once after sending emails to customers then those orders are tagged by given 'Order tag'.

For example, If unfulfilled orders notifications email sent to customers then for this unfulfilled orders users can explicitly add order tags using our app. Let us consider order tag name as - 'UON-EMAIL_SENT'.

Our app has a filter based on order tag name. as shown in the below image

By entering the order tag name as 'UON-EMAIL_SENT' all the orders which are tagged by 'UON-EMAIL_SENT' tag name are excluded and hence repeated emails cannot be sent to the customers.

5. How to pause a Notifier sending automated emails?

In order to pause a notifier follow the steps below :

STEP 1 - Click on 'Edit' option.

STEP 2 - Change the frequency setup from Scheduled to manual as shown in the below image.

Hence Notifier will stop sending automated emails. Email notifications are triggered only upon clicking on 'Run-Now' button.

6. What is the difference between 'Send emails to customers ' and 'Send emails to staff members/admins' in "Scheduled Notifiers" ?

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